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Certification, why is it necessary?

Certification confirms that a company has in place a structured and smooth-functioning quality management system as defined by the ISO series of standards.

Standards are not a recent invention.  They were always an integral part of every business.  Wherever people live, work and trade together there are standards, that is, general rules that regulate and facilitate cooperation within a community.

Global developments in the last years have effectively made the world smaller.  Thanks to modern communications- and logistics-systems products, services and information can be transferred around the world in the shortest of times.

Today, every company, regardless in which line of business, is involved in international competition – all to the customer’s benefit.  In the future the dominating, crucial factors will be quality, time and price.

For this reason the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group decided to set up a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 or ISO 9001.  We want to continually improve our services and business processes in order to remain competitive.


ISO/TS 16949 or ISO 9001

ISO/TS 16949 was developed in 1999 by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

It is a joint development of European and American automobile manufacturers.  It combines existing world-wide requirements of the automotive industry into a quality management system.

As a supplier to various international automotive manufacturers, we benefit from this generalised regulations through ISO/TS 16949 because it reduces the need for multiple-certification.

As a customer you have the advantage that, because of our close relationship with the automotive industry, we learn early of the future market requirements.

We are your reliable and long-term partner.





Certificate ISO /TS 16949:2002

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